Join the Fenway Team!

The Fenway Group is a locally owned and operated company, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers and employees. That commitment is reflected in the way that we continuously invest in our people and technology.

We look for many qualities in the individuals we hire, among them a strong work ethic, a high level of organizational ability and effective interpersonal skills. In addition to an applicant's other qualifications, however, there is one attribute in particular we seek: the desire to provide a high level of customer service.

We can train people to work with technology, but to have a never-ending passion for achieving customer satisfaction takes a unique individual. If these are qualities you possess, you will find a rewarding career with us. We offer competitive compensation, ongoing training and a dynamic work experience that is both challenging and rewarding. You will have every opportunity to grow with our company.

Current Openings

  • We’re looking for a driven Creative Director who lives and breathes design. You have superhuman skills in UI/UX design, play well with Wordpress and Drupal, and know the exact plugin or bit of code that will make the client high five during the presentation. But! You also love print. And you can’t wait to get your hands on that e-mail design. Why? Because you can see how you can improve it. And no matter what the project is, if your name goes on it, it has to be the best.

    If it’s design and creative, you’re all in. You can name three of your favorite typefaces and have two or ten that drive you up a wall. You look at everything and think how it was done, what could be changed, and it makes you pumped about getting out there and making more stuff. Oh boy, do you love to make stuff.

    What Are the Must Haves?

    • A self-starter with a sense of humor. You take your work seriously but yourself not too much. You put clients and teammates at ease with your personality, and blow people’s minds with your work ethic.

    • Integrity, not ego. Your word is your bond, and your work is your passion. But you can take criticism and will always strive to make the project exceed expectations not just for yourself, but for the stakeholders involved. And you are never above helping out with your teammates’ projects. In fact, you’re the first one to ask if you can be of help.

    • An understanding that design is problem solving. Budgets are real. Timelines are real. And you delight at taming both through time-tested best practices, new techniques and technologies, and good ol’ innovation.

    • 5 years’ experience directing web design, from wireframes to development, ranging from HTML5 to CSS to Wordpress to Drupal. You are a responsiveness and information architecture master. And you know what? Throw in Squarespace for good measure. You’re even down for Squarespace.

    • Adobe Creative Suite is your best friend. Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and you are starting a band. You can fix photos, layout annual reports, and craft a logo all before lunch, then get right back to getting that new site ready to present to the client.

    • You get that Microsoft Office has a bad reputation, but you know it like the back of your hand and if someone wants a TED talk in Powerpoint? Yup. You’ll design that. And it’ll be the best.

    Optional but cool

    • Basic knowledge of Premiere and After Effects
    • Experience in video and audio production
    • Experience in Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and other email services.
    • A Dieter Rams tattoo (Eames is cool too, we’re not judging)

    If this is you, then send along your resume and a link to your best stuff! We check everything out.

  • Fenway Group is seeking experienced bindery people for flexible hours.
    The candidate needs to demonstrate experience working on basic bindery equipment such as:
    • Cutters
    • Folders
    • Booklet makers
    • Scoring and other finishing
    • Other duties as assigned by the manager

    Fenway Group is a fast-paced communications company and are conveniently located on Commonwealth Ave in Boston.

  • We are seeking an experienced press operator (min 5 years) to operate our offset presses.
    We currently run:
    * Ryobi 755 XLE - 5 color with coater
    * Komori Spica - 4 color
    * Hamada 234 - 2 color
    * Jet Press - 2 color superjet

    Candidate would work full-time, second-shift position. The applicant should be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of running multi-color presses and general pressroom operations. The RIGHT candidate will provide good references and a track record of dependability and attitude.

    We are a client driven, quality shop. Our goal is to create a long lasting relationship with our clients and our employees.

  • Fenway Group is seeking an experienced digital print operator.
    We run Canon Colorpress 10000's and Oce/Canon Varioprint 120's.
    Candidate should be familiar with:
    • Book building PDFs
    • experience running digital printers
    • Adobe PDF
    • EFI Rips
    Candidate will work with others in production and report to the production manager.